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Entry for GDL 72 Hour Brick Breaker Jam: http://beta.gamedevleague.com/topic/34/intro-to-th...


Move the paddle with left/right arrows or A and D.

Follow on screen instructions for level selection. (For maximum excitement I recommend starting on level 41 [press 5])

White power-ups are good. Black power-ups are bad.

Every group of 10 levels is a variation of the first 10.


  • Brick breaker mechanics!
  • Bricks!
    • They have colors!
    • They explode when they break!
    • Some of them have to be hit multiple times!
    • Some of them are rotated 90 degrees!
  • Balls!
    • They go faster after hitting paddles!
    • They have trails!
    • They make sounds and sparks when they hit things!
  • The Paddle!
    • It's rounded so the angle the ball bounces off changes based on where it is hit!
  • Lives!
  • Score!
  • Music!
  • Sounds!
  • Mute Buttons!
  • Over 100 Levels!!!
    • 101 to be exact!
    • Every group of 10 levels is a variation of the first 10!
  • Level Select!
  • Ball Attractors and Repellors!
  • Power Ups/Downs!
    • +/- lives
    • +/- paddle speed
    • +/- paddle size
    • +/- ball speed
    • Multi-Ball!
    • Double Paddle Mode
    • Reversed Controls Mode
    • Brick Clicker Mode

Music: weapon by data



My Submission the game jam: http://beta.gamedevleague.com/topic/61/my-submissi...

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